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2024 Tax Filings Important Dates:

  • January 29 - Start of e-File - IRS begins 2024 tax season. Individual 2023 tax returns begin being accepted and processing begins
  • January 26 - Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day - Raise awareness of valuable tax credits and how to use prior-year income to qualify.
  • February 17* - Returns funding for direct deposit customers - Deposit of Refunds Begin *NoTax Credits*only
  • February 24** - Returns funding for direct deposit customers **filed with Tax Credits
  • February 28*** - Returns funding for mailed checks customers ***filed by mail on Jan. 29 2024
  • April 15 - deadline for 2023 tax returns - Due date to file 2023 tax return or request extension and pay taxes owed
  • October 17 - Due date to file for those who requested an extension on their 2023 tax returns

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2023 Tax Year Changes & Updates:

Some tax credits return to 2019 levels. 

The tax year 2023 adjustments described below generally apply to tax returns filed in 2024.

The tax items for tax year 2023 of greatest interest to most taxpayers include the following dollar amounts:

  • The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly for tax year 2023 rises to $27,700 up $1,800 from the prior year. For single taxpayers and married individuals filing separately, the standard deduction rises to $13,850 for 2023, up $900, and for heads of households, the standard deduction will be $20,800 for tax year 2023, up $1,400 from the amount for tax year 2022.
  • Marginal Rates: For tax year 2023, the top tax rate remains 37% for individual single taxpayers with incomes greater than $578,125 ($693,750 for married couples filing jointly).
    The other rates are:









Which states cut their income tax rate for 2023? 

Idaho: dropped to a flat 5.8% from the top marginal rate of 6% 

Indiana: flat rate trimmed to 3.15% from 3.23% 

Iowa: nine individual income tax rates consolidated into four, and the top rate will decrease to 6% from 8.53%

Kentucky: dropped to 4.5% from 5% 

Arizona: went to a flat 2.5% from a two-bracket structure with rates of 2.55% and 2.98% 

Michigan: dropped to 4.05% from 4.25% 

Missouri: top marginal rate cut to 4.95% from 5.3%, and the amount of income that's exempt from individual income tax rates will increase to $1,000 from $100 

Nebraska: top marginal rate decreased to 6.64% from 6.84% 

New York: rate on income between $13,901 and $80,650 (single filers) and between $27,901 and $161,550 (joint filers) fell to 5.5% from 5.85%; rate on income between $80,651and $215,400 (single filers) and between $161,500 and $323,200 (joint filers) dropped to 6% percent from 6.25% 

North Carolina: flat tax declined to 4.75% from 4.99% 

Utah: flat rate dropped to 4.65% from 4.85% 

West Virginia: top marginal rate fell to 5.12% from 6.5% 

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